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Our lintel is supporting wood or stone beam across the top of an opening, such as that of a window or door or fireplace. Lintel which is also called architrave found on almost all types of architecture. Lintel, in architecture, the horizontal member that spans an opening, such as a door or window, or that connects two columns.


Brand Name Marble Granite Sand Stone
Place of Origin Jaipur  
Condition New, Good
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Container
Type Lintel

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Payment Terms T/T
Delivery Time 2 to 3 Weeks

  • Lintel A

    Lintel A
  • Lintel B

    Lintel B

    Desc : Lintel B....

  • Lintel C

    Lintel C

    Desc : Lintel C....

  • Lintel D

    Lintel D
  • Lintel E

    Lintel E
  • Lintel F

    Lintel F
  • Lintel G

    Lintel G
  • Lintel (67-68)

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