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We have Indian Quartzite Stone that is composed of sandstone and that has been metamorphosed. Our quartzite is much harder than the parent rock, sandstone. It forms from sandstone that has come into contact with deeply buried magmas. The quartzite we have looks similar to its parent rock and is typical quartzite which is dense, hard rocks, generally uniform in texture, composed of fused quartz sand grains.

  • Quartzite 01

    Quartzite 01
  • Quartzite 02

    Quartzite 02
  • Quartzite 03

    Quartzite 03
  • Quartzite 04

    Quartzite 04
  • Quartzite 05

    Quartzite 05
  • Quartzite 06

    Quartzite 06
  • Quartzite 07

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